Frequently asked questions

We've assembled the most popular questions and answers on this page.

What's Included?

We provide all the basic items any club needs... and much more!

Our Basic Branding option provides for a branded logo, page header, background photo, copyright lines, About Us page, one Home Page branded text block, and branded lending program page.

Our Standard Branding option offers all of the above plus a fully branded Home Page with choice of included functions, branded join page, and branded membership page.

All versions include:

  • Home Page:
       Event Announcement Block
       Latest News Item Block
       Tips, Tweaks and Picks Block
       Officer Listing Block
       Member Articles block
  • Membership Join Presentation Page
  • Member Sign Up/Payment Page
  • Event Photo Gallery
  • Articles Listing Page
  • Member Classified Ads Page
  • Lending Program Page
  • Tweaks, Tips and Picks Listing Page
  • About Us Page

All of the above public pages are included plus:
  • Member Profile Edit
  • Event/Meeting Calendar
  • My Messages Page
  • Classified Ad Creation Page

All of the above public and member pages are included, plus:
  • Add/Edit Members Page
  • Add/Edit Mailing List Page
  • Add/Edit Events Page (includes HTML Editor) & RSVP Management
  • Add/Edit Meeting Minutes Page
  • Add/Edit Event Photos
  • Add/Edit Member Tweaks, Tips & Picks
  • Add/Edit Email Messages
  • Add/Edit News Items
  • Dashboard Page with System Info Charts
  • Member Roster Report
  • Mailing List Roster Report
  • Financial Transaction Report
  • Add/Edit Club Documents/Document Viewer Page
  • System Page


We've listed the most common issues that administrators have communicated to us.

You can contact us by phone during phone support hours (8AM-5PM Eastern, M-F) or by email from our Contact page.

Click the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. You will be instructed on how to create a new password.

Log onto the member area and make changes on the Member Profile page.

Members can log onto the website and go to the "My Messages" page to pull up Event/Message emails. (Note, not available to non-members.)